Kick-Off 2020

Saturday, 25th January 2020

Sarasota Florida, USA

Saturday, 25th January 2020

Kick-Off 2020

2020 is fast-approaching and so is the yearly, opening event of PM-International: the PM-International Kick-Off!

Did you reach your goals for 2019?  If so, great, it is now time to reach for your new goals.  If not, then we need to get to work because on January 25th,  2020, we will plunge headfirst into a new, successful, PM-International year. The perfect occasion to fire up your team for 2020 and Experience Results!

So what can you expect?

Your PM-USA team is organizing a great, fantastic, magical, exuberant, unforgettable, tremendous, ... well, I guess you get it by now - an AMAZING event!

Not only will we will present the new motto for 2020 but also seize the opportunity to talk about the latest PM-International innovations, important changes, market development and many, many more exciting revelations.


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